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Whats on around Ballybunion in September and October

Thursday, 13 September 2012
Whats on around Ballybunion in September and October
It’s early September and surprise surprise, the weather is holding up and is pleasant. A lot more pleasant than summer was supposed to be! If you’ve just arrived in Ballybunion to play golf, then you just got really lucky with the weather. However, the downside is that the evenings have gotten shorter, so you can only really play until about six or seven o clock. What to do after that is the question! You could take advantage of our fantastic menu in our restaurant, then wander downtown for a few pints of Guinness or some strong Irish whiskey to keep the autumn chill at bay. If that’s not your thing, there’s plenty more going on around the area.
Well, just up the road in Listowel, you have the Listowel Harvest Meeting Festival, which is a 7 day horse racing festival from September 16th to the 22nd. This is traditionally where local farmers come to celebrate the harvest. Not your thing? Well, Ballybunion has the Irish Country and Western festival coming up too in mid September, and it’s going to feature Irish Country and Western artists. If that’s your thing!
Coming up this weekend is the tag rugby grand final on Banna strand. Moving into October, you have the Kerry film festival in Tralee, a food festival down the road in Listowel and a traditional Irish music festival in Castleisland, as well as a food and wine festival on the whole peninsula.
So, you may have initially been thinking about coming to Ballybunion to play golf on some world famous courses, and taking it easy once you finished your round. But there is plenty going on in the area to keep you occupied off the course. That’s not getting away from the excellent walks around Ballybunion, or if you are brave enough, the ocean and beach offering up top class watersports. Just make sure you put on a wetsuit as it’s going to be nippy in the water this time of year. We don’t get sharks, so you won’t have to worry about that! The only sharks you will meet around Kerry could be those at the pool table or the poker table, but that’s not just confined to Ireland!
You may also have planned a golf trip around Ireland with Ballybunion and North Kerry being one of your stops too. Well, don’t blow all your nights out in Dublin or Galway. There’s lots going on in Ballybunion too! Make sure to pop into us and say hello!

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