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Ballybunion visitor guide website

Tuesday, 13 January 2015
Ballybunion visitor guide website
A visitors guide website has been developed for the town of Ballybunion & its many wonderful amenities and facilities. The website comprises of up to date itineraries of what can be done in the local area including sections highlighting attractions, activities and events. The site has an area dedicated to local business listings including service providers & also goes as far as highlighting all the important aspects of the towns history and folklore. The site describes the town as “a region of Ireland that is free from industry and pollution. As a result, the town and its surroundings are blessed with sites of great natural beauty, where a wide range of flora and fauna abound. By the shoreline, you can see a multitude of birds nesting and foraging, including seagulls, shags, cormorants and herons. And because of the mild winter climate, various other migratory birds choose to congregate here. Many marine animals can be observed along the coast, including sea otters, seals and seal pups, as well as porpoises and dolphins frolicking in the waters. Ballybunion’s clean, pollution-free coastline is ideal for the harvesting of fish, crab, lobster, and sea vegetables such as dulse (dillisk/ sea grass/ Palmaria palmata) and Irish moss (carrageen moss/ Chondrus crispus). With its magnificent beaches, golf courses, scenic views and many amenities, Ballybunion is a natural attraction for holiday-makers and day-trippers, not just in the summer-time, but all year round!”

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