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Tips for golfing in the rain

Friday, 13 July 2012
Tips for golfing in the rain
Ok, so it’s gone beyond a joke at this stage. It seems to have rained every single day for the last month, and there doesn’t seem to be any end in sight! Best to just get on with it then. A bit of rain is part and parcel of the golfing experience in Ireland, and even more so on lynx courses.
Most golfers won’t go out on the course if it is pouring rain, but there are always those who love a challenge. It’s more of a slow steady drizzle in Ireland these days, as opposed to constant downpours. If are prepared for wet conditions, then it should not take away from a good golf experience here.
If you are from overseas on a golfing trip to Ireland and are including Ballybunion on your itineray, chances are you are more than a casual player, so you will be well prepared for any conditions. But maybe it’s your first time in Ireland, and you are used to playing fair weather golf in Florida or Las Vegas or Sydney. Playing in wet conditions will change your game plan, and apart from having to rethink your golf shots, you’ll need to have some extra kit packed in your bag.
Rain Gear
One of the best things you can have in your golf kit to take your mind of the rain is good wet gear, or rain gear, or whatever you wish to call it. It’s probably a good idea to invest in a good breathable rain jacket that will keep you dry, but won’t result in you sweating buckets at the same time. There are so many options, but it depends on your budget too, so try and get the best you can afford.
You will need pants as well. You could buy both together. Nowadays, you can get easy zip on, zip off pants that are especially made for golfers. Once it stops raining, it will be easy to pull them off and pack away.

If you are playing beside the sea, you’ll need a hat. Either a baseball style cap or a woolly one to keep the wind off your head, or to protect you from sunburn if the sun ever decides to come out.
Something you might not think of, you can buy special gloves to help you keep your grip when it’s raining.
Chances are you will have thought of waterproof shoes anyway, as you’re going to be wearing these more than rain gear, hats, and waterproof gloves.
Playing golf by the sea in Ireland more often than not means putting up with a breeze, some rain and possibly some sheep on top of challenging fairways and greens.
Tips for playing in the rain
We’ll get you started with a link to this video which can help you adjust to playing golf in the rain.
Golf. Wind and Rain Preparation

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