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The Ryder Cup What a weekend!

Saturday, 13 October 2012
The Ryder Cup What a weekend!
So. What a weekend of golf! Of course if you were here staying at Teach de Broc, you would have been out on the course all weekend, and missed most of the Ryder Cup! But you would have certainly seen it last night. What a finish and a fitting tribute to Seve Ballesteros. In fact, the great man once said about golfing in Ballybunion “It demands greater imagination and shot-making skills than anything I have ever known. It makes me feel the same way as when I first saw St Andrews (where he won the British Open in 1984). The magic is the same.”
Even casual sports fans and casual golf fans cannot but be impressed with the comeback by Europe. Golf fans will remember the time Bernhard Langer missed a crucial putt in years gone by, but it didn’t happen to Martina Kaymer. He showed no signs of nerves for one of the most important putts he’ll ever make. Ian Poulter was immense, and his Saturday showing surely paved the way for what was to follow.
The best thing about televised sports events is the days and weeks after, when everyone who is involved in whatever sport was on the tv is out and about trying to copy what they have seen. So, you’ll always young lads out after Wimbledon with makeshift tennis nets and rackets pretending they are the next Roger Federer or Andy Murray, and trying to recreate a trick shot they saw on the television the week before. After the European Football Championships in 1988, every Irish boy was outside trying to recreate Ronnie Whelan’s scissor kick. They’re still trying it today! After every All Ireland hurling final, you’ll get children out with their hurleys pretending they are Henry Shefflin. The Olympics was probably the same!
After the weekend just gone, you’ll have budding golfers out trying to go for glory shots and champagne putts! The Cashen course and the Old Course in Ballybunion will not rescue or help any risk takers out there though! It takes no prisoners! You may be about to come over to Europe for a golf holiday, and Ballybunion might be top of your list. If you’re an American golf fan, you may be hurting, and want to show the Irish who’s boss by ripping a drive straight down the fairways of Irish golf courses. We’ll assume you are a decent enough player and knowledgeable as you have included Ballybunion on your trip. After all, who doesn’t want to play the best courses in the world? Well, some things to consider. There’s a very good chance it will be windy, or raining, or both in Ballybunion. There’s a good chance you’ll be so in awe of the scenery, it will put you off your game. You might be put off your game from the night before, if you sampled too much of the black stuff. Fear not. Head straight to the bar after your round for some whisky to warm you up again. Golf in Ballybunion is challenging at the best of times, but the winter weather will really test your skills, so bear that in mind if you are arriving all gung ho after the Ryder Cup. There’s nothing like a reality check to get in the way!!

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