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Can I play golf in Ireland during the winter

Saturday, 13 October 2012
Can I play golf in Ireland during the winter
You may ask, “Can I golf in Ballybunion, or in Ireland all year round?” Yes you can, is the answer. The weather rarely gets cold enough that a course would be closed for a prolonged period of time. But, it has happened occasionally. It hardly ever snows in Ireland. The winters don’t get very cold. It’s more wind and rain you would be concerned with than icy temperatures. As you probably already know, the summers are never really that hot either, and can therefore provide very comfortable conditions for golfing.
Another good thing about the summers in Ireland is that it doesn’t get dark until about 10:30 pm, so you can get two rounds of golf in no problem! April to October would be considered the best time to play in Ireland, as from November to April, anything can happen weather wise. Well, anything can happen during the summer in Ireland too, if you have any experience of Irish weather. But it’s going to be more challenging tackling Ballybunion’s course in December than it will be in the middle of June.
No matter what the season, just make sure you have good wet gear and a decent umbrella stored in your golf bag. A list of clothing items you could have stored in your bag for winter, and summer could be: a jacket, pants, hat, and gloves. Make sure you have waterproof shoes. The ones you may wear around Southern California won’t be much good in November in Ireland. You might even pack some extra socks as well to be extra safe! Maybe a good towel too, to wipe down the clubs in wet conditions.
As the saying goes, Ireland gets four seasons in one day. Wearing layers is the way to go in Ireland, so you can put on or take off clothes as the weather changes. The same trend will apply all year around when it comes to course congestion. Weekdays will be quieter than weekend all year around, but in the winter quieter again. Just remember it gets dark pretty early in the winter in Ireland!
You will also have to consider changing your style of play slightly if you end up playing in wet conditions in Ireland, which is very likely. Just remember that the fairways and greens will be softer so the ball will roll less. Wet greens will be slower too. Take into account the wind by the sea, as you are definitely going to be playing links courses, and the driving rain, if it comes to it, and that’s just the middle of July!
To get you started, here is a nice little video with tips on how to play golf in the rain. Usually, we’re looking for tips on how to play golf in the hot sun! Enjoy.

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